Cajun Original Foods

Cajun Original Foods is a food manufacturing establishment specializing in the production of fresh-frozen Cajun products. They were looking for a more in-depth website with a detailed catalog, categorized products, and order online links. Their new website is now user-friendly with all the special features they asked for. 

What we did

  • Mobile Responsive to be viewed on all mobile devices seamlessly
  • A detailed catalog of all the products available in stores and where to purchase them
  • Order online links for customers’ convenience 
  • Categorized products according to type of food, type of meat, and options available for purchasing each
  • Flyers and images of each product, with detailed descriptions for each
  • A tips section for ways to properly prepare and cook the products
The Result
The Result

Cajun Original Foods' new website is user-friendly and gives their customers an in-depth look into their products and where to find them.

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