Sophie Matisse

Daughter of the famed Henri Matisse, Sophie Matisse, is an artist based out of New York whose work spoke for itself; she just needed a website to represent her work and exhibitions better.

What We Did

Website Design
In collaboration with artist Ashley Taylor and a New York marketing firm, Cacci & Co., this website came to life and became everything the client could want. This site is filled with big bold images, bright colors, and creative coding to make the page flow both appealing and unique. It also features:

  • A slider of images representing the artists most recent works
  • A life timeline in chronological view
  • A comprehensive list of exhibitions
  • Past works in multiple formats
  • A contact request page featuring an image of notebook art piece designed by the artist
  • Special projects page with details on each
The Result

Contact page for Sophia Matisse Sophia Matisse's Artwork Sophia Matisse's Photography

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