Torapath Technologies Launches The Website For Blaand Children’s Boutique!

CATEGORY: News | DATE: August 16, 2020

We are excited to announce the launch of one of our latest websites for Blaand – Children’s Boutique!

Blaand is anything but bland! This brand was created by Blair, a fashion major with a love for all things fashion. After she became blessed with her new role as Godmother to her niece Landry, she discovered a new interest in children’s fashion. Blair wanted to help Landry’s mother in providing styling help for clothing, shoes, and accessories as she grows up. She knew she wanted to be able to help other fashion-forward mothers in the same way, providing high-quality, stylish items that were handpicked with mothers in mind!

Website Design Project Highlights

1. Fully Responsive E-commerce

Blaand Boutique is a fully responsive and custom eCommerce website that is built to accept orders and process payments. Blair approached the Torapath team with her vision and we brought it to life with a website that makes it as easy a possible for a user to browse, save and purchase her products online.

2. Create Accounts

Blaand’s website allows for users to create their own accounts to make the buying process as easy as possible including the option to save their favorite products to purchase later.

3. Style Advice

The website is built to make each user feel like a fashionista! Blair’s passion for fashion is brought to life with the option to bundle products together and even the option to see products similar in style to the ones you are currently browsing.

Want to see the new site for yourself? Click here!