Torapath Technologies Launches The Website For The Kabuki Dancers – Artists With A Message!

CATEGORY: News | DATE: November 26, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of one of our latest websites for The Kabuki Dancers!

The Kabuki Dancers are a group of performing artists from the Acadiana area of Louisiana that work within the community to inform and influence positivity in today’s youth using dance, spoken word, and live drums.

Website Design Project Highlights

1. Responsive

The new Kabuki Dancers site is built out to be viewed seamlessly on all devices, a qualification that is necessary in our mobile-first world and allows all users to have the best experience possible.

2. See Their Upcoming Events

The Kabuki Dancers have reached over 60,000 children across the state since 2017 and aren’t planning on stopping anytime soon! With their new website, you can now keep up with the Kabuki Dancers at all times and see when they may be performing one of their programs or shows near you with their easy to read calendar and blog!

3. Learn About Their Programs, Performances And Workshops

With the addition of their newest program, Shots Fired, premiering just one week ago, having a place for people to learn all about the creative and

motivating programs that the Kabuki Dancers’ have to offer was their main goal. Now, you can learn all about their programs, performances and workshops with up to date images and videos in one easy to use place – their website! 

4. Work With Them

Whether you may be a teacher, librarian, parent or a student who wants to bring the Kabuki Dancers to your school, you can easily find out information on grants, fundraising and other ways to book the Kabuki Dancers for your organization or event.

Want to see the new site for yourself? Click here!