Torapath Technologies Launches The Brand New Website For The East Baton Rouge Parish School System!

CATEGORY: News | DATE: August 7, 2019

We are excited to announce the launch of our latest website for the East Baton Rouge Parish School System!

The East Baton Rouge Parish School System is the second-largest public school system in the state of Louisiana, home to 11 U.S. Blue Ribbon Schools, a nationally renowned Magnet Program and some of the best high schools in the country! We were honored to be able to give our home parish’s school district a new website that is easy to manage by all – parents, students, teachers, faculty and community members.

Website Design Project Highlights

1. Responsive

The new EBRPSS site is built out to be viewed seamlessly on all devices, a qualification that is necessary in our mobile-first world and especially valuable for a website that is viewed by thousands daily on different devices across the state.

2. Speaks To All Audiences

When we were approached by EBR Schools to redesign their website, one of their biggest concerns was ensuring that their new website would speak to all audiences in the community. This includes parents, students, teachers, faculty, community members and more! Their new site is now easier to manage than ever with intuitive pages catered to each audience and a new page showing people how they can get involved in the school system through volunteering, donating and showing support at school events.

Are you a parent or a student?

Check out the new and improved Families page! Here you will find information on how to enroll a child, view all schools in the district, get involved in the community, bus routes and more.

Are you a teacher or faculty member?

Then the new Employees page has all you could need! We have made it easier to find important quick links for payroll and benefits, your employee email, substitute information and more.

3. Uniformity

One of the biggest goals that EBRPSS set for their new site was to create a more uniform look and organizational structure for all of their Departments and Programs across the district. Now, you can easily skim through the most important information needed for each Department and Program.

Each Department and Program page is complete with its own set of contact details and quick links so everyone coming to the site has access to the information they need at a glance!

4. Highlights and Accomplishments

EBR Schools has A LOT to be proud of and we wanted to showcase that! Throughout the site, you can see some of the district’s highlights, awards and notable people doing big things in the community and the country!

5. Updated News and Events

Serving over 41,000 students, EBR Schools always has an event going on in the community and now they can easily showcase it online! Their new site is complete with an easy to read news and events feed, as well as a social media feed to showcase all of their students, staff, families interacting in fun school and community events.

Our team has worked tirelessly to bring this site to life and we can’t wait for you to check it out for yourself!

Want to see the new site for yourself? Click here!