What The Best Websites Do Differently | Best Practices

CATEGORY: In The Know, Web Design | DATE: December 5, 2018

Do you get leads from your current website? 

Most often when we ask this question to potential new clients, their response is  “Not Really, am I supposed to?”

The short answer to this is YES!

The best websites not only look pretty, but they are optimized for conversion.

What is Conversion?
Website conversion is the percentage of users who take the desired action. Our web design process focuses on developing marketing funnels and lead generating tactics to engage with your potential customers and get you results.

How Do You Optimize Your Website For Conversion?

Conversion optimization is always best when left to pros, but here’s just a few tips to keep in mind:

Keep Your Calls To Action Clear

A website focused on conversion will have clear and specific calls to action for each target audience they are trying to reach.

Long gone are the days where simply saying “Learn More” and sending a visitor to the home page can suffice as a good CTA. Customizing your CTA’s and landing pages make ALL the difference.

Give The Visitor Options

The best websites will not have just one way to contact them, they will have 2,3, sometimes even 4 different conversion methods to ensure each audience is catered to.

Some site visitors feel more comfortable chatting online using live chat boxes, some prefer to pick up the phone and call. Why not have an option for both?

Offer Benefits

Just like the saying “You have to spend money to earn it,” the same principle applies to site visitors. By offering a bribe or some type of benefit to each site visitor, it increases your chances of collecting their information and thus converting them into a lead.

These are just 3 of a long list of conversion optimization techniques that we have seen success with implementing on our client’s website.

Want to get more leads from your website?

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