If Your Business Isn’t Investing In Digital Marketing – You’re Losing Money

CATEGORY: Business, In The Know, Marketing, Social Media, Web Design | DATE: May 11, 2018

Global ad spend on digital marketing has officially surpassed television, according to Digital Information World’s Digital Marketing Industry in 2018 Infographic.

And marketing online isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon.

The fact of the matter is that many local businesses are still stuck in the mindset of thinking that they don’t need a digital marketing strategy – and this is a big mistake.

Not only is it necessary to promote your business online to reach any and all audiences in today’s digital-first world, but it’s also more efficient than traditional and outbound marketing.

Think about it this way: You can spend $3000/month on a billboard and *hope* that people are visiting your business because they saw it – because you can’t actually prove that – or you can spend $1000/month on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google AdWords and get real-time reporting and analytics of your efforts and amend your budget when needed.

Which option sounds like a better investment?

Not to mention your website is like having a 24/7 salesperson who ALSO reports back to you in real time and can promote your business from anywhere at any time to anyone.

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