4 Digital Marketing Trends To Use In 2021

CATEGORY: Blog, Marketing, SEO | DATE: December 23, 2020

2020 had its fair share of troubles due to the global pandemic that affected businesses worldwide. As you step into the new year 2021, here are the digital marketing trends you should expect.

Interactive content

Interactive content is one of the digital marketing trends that has been around for a while but has become more of a best practice for most businesses. With interactive content, you improve user enjoyment and promote engagement. Adding interactive content to your website is an excellent way to give your visitors value. It’s also a way for them to engage with your brand.

Some interactive marketing you can have on your website includes games, quizzes, calculator widgets, interactive videos, contests, and surveys. Contests increase your visibility quickly. When your customers share your Facebook post about a contest, it allows you to get in front of new prospects.

Customer segmentation

In customer segmentation, you group your target audience by their behaviors such as shopping habits. It allows you to tailor your content to suit your customer’s preferences. For instance, you can have separate emails for small spenders and big spenders and send each different newsletters that suit their needs. The digital marketing strategy works for customer engagement and personalization. You can also use customer segmentation for specialized ads.

Automated bidding in Google Ads

Automated bidding allows Google to automate your past moves to ensure it adjusts to your bid in real-time. There has been continuous improvement made to automated bidding that will see it make a break out in 2021. Using automated bidding allows you to devote more time to other aspects of PPC performance giving you a better outcome at a reduced cost to your clients.

Local SEO

Google updates its local SEO algorithm frequently. So you should ensure our local business appearance is up to date on the local results. Local SEO helps potential customers in your geographical location find your business easily.

To get started with local SEO, you have to sign up for Google My Business. You can have additional information about your business on online searches. You should have local keywords such as the name of your city or any related keywords. If your location has a geographical landmark, you should mention it.

Staying up to date with the digital marketing trends will help your business grow. You don’t have to worry about digital marketing. We are experts, hire us to get on the trend train.