Engage Your Audience Better by Understanding How To Best Utilize The Marketing Funnel

CATEGORY: Blog, Marketing | DATE: October 22, 2020

What Actions Do Your Customers Take In the Funnel That Lead To a Sale?

Are you as engaged in your marketing funnel as your customers? To answer this question, you need to have a solid understanding of the marketing funnel first.

So What Is a Marketing Funnel?

A marketing funnel is a process by which customers realize they have a need, and they go looking for a solution. They will make a purchase to solve this issue. Before they do, they will research products and services, ask tons of questions, and review others’ responses.

In truth, the road to acquiring committed customers takes many turns and often exceeds the boundaries of your website. Some aspects of the funnel are eliminated, and others are often repeated before any decisions are made. That’s why businesses need to be engaged with the customer at every step of the purchasing journey. The high activity builds a strong business.

That’s why businesses need to be engaged with the customer at every step of the purchasing journey.

Businesses build reputations on their commitment to the marketing funnel. This creates sales and engages audiences. The road to acquiring committed customers takes many turns and often exceeds the boundaries of your website. These steps go beyond social media postings and interactive shopping carts. The whole marketing process relies on being active and accessible to your customer throughout the marketing funnel.

Do Customers Know You Exist?

As a business owner, you already know that your website is the key to your marketing funnel. Activities such as social media posts, uploading videos, creating articles, and adding links to other industry-related sites create awareness. These actions not only inform visitors about your company; they provide information necessary to help them solve their own problems. Offering a reliable solution to a difficult issue creates loyalty as well as future sales.

Are You Engaging Visitors?

When you offer a solution to a difficult problem, it creates interest. This interest can blossom into free advertising potential by developing relationships with visitors during this marketing funnel stage. A few customers will jump right to the purchasing point, while often there are others who will need more information. At this point, visitors want more from you. They want engaging material that is interesting and appealing to their needs allowing them to consider furthering their relationship with you. Something like an e-book, or free guide can be a good way to exchange “free” information for their email.

Interest Builds Purchasing Considerations. Are You Involved?

When your brand starts to become recognizable, leads build-up, and the use of automated tools can increase purchases earlier in the market funnel process. Emails, subscriptions, and regular communication campaigns keep you in the running and remind customers to consider your company when purchasing in your industry. You can also provide any additional information needed for confident decision-making such as a discount or value-related items that work well with their purchase. It’s your way of showing them you have their best interests in mind when they are evaluating their decisions before closing out their shopping cart.

Are You Helping Them Commit?

This is the point where you are nearing the end of the market funnel. Now is the time to be sure your customer has the confidence and trust necessary to commit to their purchase. Have you engaged in a pop-up or email subscription process here? Maybe discounts on upcoming sales will interest them? You want to keep them engaged in the future. Remind them of the services and products you have that will make their lives easier as they make their purchases now.

Do You Have the Power to Retain the Customer?

At the point of the purchase, you would think the marketing funnel is finished, nope. Here is where the customer shares their experiences. Now is the time for you to initiate future relations. Thank them for their visit and discuss any additional benefits they can receive. Offer interesting content that relates to their purchase and future uses of the item. Keep them engaged by answering questions, and be sure you are connected on social media. You can be sure they will be sharing their experiences with the world.

Have you met the customer’s needs and expectations at each step? Schedule a free consultation with an experienced marketer at Torapath. We’ll discuss how you can improve marketing practices for higher conversions and increased audience retention.