Location-Based Targeted Display Ads, How Do They Work?

CATEGORY: Blog | DATE: February 23, 2021

Location-based targeted display ads – using tactics such as geofencing, geoframing, and geolocation targeting – enable you to reach your target audience where they are in the real world. By leveraging these tactics, you can increase brand visibility, compete with local or national competitors and capture the attention of your target audience at the right place and at the right time.

What Are The Different Tactics?


Geofencing allows you to draw a virtual fence around a location and serve up ads to mobile device users inside that geo-fenced area. Geofences can be built from location names, types, post codes, designated market areas, specific businesses, and more.


Geoframing allows you to serve up ads to mobile devices from users who have entered a per-defined location at a specific time and allows you to target those users later on after they’ve left.


Geolocation targeting allows you to target neighborhoods, regions by postal code, cities or countries. You can include or exclude multiple parameters including countries, states, provinces, regions, cities, designated market areas and more to define your ideal target audience.