Emojis in Your Marketing: A Fun Time is Had by All! ?

CATEGORY: Blog, In The Know, Marketing, Social Media, Tech Tips | DATE: April 26, 2021

Who doesn’t love color and splash ?? Stop and think about it, color catches the eye and brings attention to whatever you’re applying it to; now add different shapes, faces that convey a certain emotion, or symbols.

? Welcome to the emojis! ?

Emojis aren’t just for personal use anymore! It is acceptable to use emojis in the business world if you know how to fully use them. Emojis give birth to a whole extra dimension in your everyday marketing. It’s most popular used in email marketing, and of course, social media, to convey emotions or emphasize certain text, sometimes replacing words. People respond to emojis because they’re fun and much easier to discern the intent of the poster where in plain text those emotions or intent get lost. A social media post can be as dry as dust but add a little ??, and a fun time is had by all! The human brain recognizes the significance of these symbols instantaneously!

Why are Emojis Important?

What if I told you emojis can significantly improve your open rates, click-throughs, and engagements on your social media posts? HubSpot tells us that a single tweet can increase customer engagement by over 25% and Facebook “likes” increase by over 57%! Those are some pretty compelling reasons to rethink your marketing strategy. In the same study they found, customers rated experts who used emojis in their chat conversations as being more competent and friendly. It’s all about perceptions. Emojis are no longer just trendy. They are quickly becoming essential to giving personality and gaining trust for your brand.

How to Use Emojis

Before you get started using some of the 2,666 emojis available for your brand, there are some essential questions that need answering. You cannot go willy-nilly and start throwing whatever emoji in your text. You need to know:

  1. What emojis have relevance to my brand?
  2. Do we understand what these emojis really mean?
  3. How often should we use them?
  4. How does our audience engage online?
  5. Will these emoji improve our message?

There is an appropriate use for emojis but sometimes, in more serious applications, it’s just not appropriate. So don’t go crazy!

How to Access Emojis

You’d be amazed at how easy it is to add the richness of emojis to your writing. Check this quick cheat sheet to find out how to access them from your desktop, laptop, or phone, or there are many sites and even apps that will give you this capability.

It’s time to go exploring! Find all the cool emojis that will work the best for you. You will be happily surprised at the increase in engagement that follows! And your customers will enjoy that you are now showing a more personal side to your business. After all, no customer buys from a company. They buy from people they trust!

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