Torapath Technologies Has a New Website!

CATEGORY: Blog | DATE: October 26, 2020

Torapath Technologies began as a mobile technology consultancy when iPhones were only just starting to take over the Blackberry in popularity. Since that time, we have evolved immensely to a full Digital Marketing agency and IT Managed Service provider across Louisiana and beyond.

Since the service offerings have grown over the years, we also found that with two major divisions, they each deserved their own presence online. So with that, we put together a new Digital Marketing website (this pretty little thing you are looking at now!), as well as an IT Solutions website (click here to see that masterpiece).

Now we are able to showcase our abilities, our similar but separate personalities and direct interested parties to the location that is most relevant for them.

Torapath Digital Marketing Website Features

On this new site, you will find that we have a few helpful features including:

What Have We Actually Done?

Now we have a place for you to view some of the work we’ve done over the years! Scroll through and see what we’ve done for our clients in the past, including logos, websites, and more! Find some of our work here.

Are We Really That Good At What We Do?

Hear first-hand from businesses we’ve partnered with who are grateful for the work we’ve done. Our clients have seen a true impact from our work improving their online presence and have many great things to say! Read the Testimonials on our home page.

Who Are We, Really?

We’re not just a faceless company! We want to get to know you, and for you to know about us too. Meet our diverse crew of digital marketing experts (AND even more fun… click on each profile to learn more, including some personal fun facts ๐Ÿ˜…). You even get to see our adorable company mascot, Tora! Learn more about us here.

What The Heck Do We Even Do?

Learn about some of the strategies and tactics we we offer to improve your brand and overall online presence. We can help engage your consumer at any stage of the buying cycle and get them to take action no matter where they are in the funnel. While we can provide a personalized suggestion based on your goals and budget, you are able to view some of our services, whether it’s through SEO, social media, advertisements, etc., you can see that we can do a lot to help you grow your business. Find our digital marketing services here.

Your Questions Answered!

We know growing your online presence can be overwhelming and you may have a lot of questions. The good news is we’re here to help with all that! Learn the answers to our FAQs! Our new website also has a blog page that dives into more detail about many other topics we know you have questions about too!

How To Get The Conversation Started

Whether you have a new project to discuss, or just have a question to ask, we would be very glad to talk with you! We are your expert digital marketing team, here to help! Find our contact page here.