What Is An SEO Audit and Why It Matters For Your Company

CATEGORY: Blog, SEO | DATE: June 4, 2021

Let’s face it: you won’t make any money from your site without traffic. You can identify errors affecting your traffic with an SEO audit. The website audit also helps improve search engine rankings. If you are not sure where to begin, here is a guide to help you know more about an SEO audit.

What is Search Engine Optimization? 

Before anything else, it’s crucial to know what search engine optimization (SEO) is. It refers to the process of improving your website to make it more visible to search engines. If your site has better visibility in search engines, you’ll attract more attention from prospective and existing customers.

What is an SEO audit?

An SEO audit is a website evaluation that grades your site on the ability to appear on search engine result pages. Even if you have a well-designed site, your hard work will be in vain if search engines can’t read your site. An SEO audit helps you improve your rank in search engine results. You should perform the audit at the beginning of a new project and the beginning of a new quarter.

What are the Benefits of an SEO Audit? 

Having a professional audit is vital for your brand.

Here are the benefits of an audit for your company:

1. Organic Search Visibility

It’s important to know what you want your site to rank for. It is the first step to boosting your search engine rankings. Knowing your market and competition better enables you to develop an on-page SEO strategy for your website. With a website audit, you do in-depth research and keyword discovery to integrate into your on-page SEO.

2. Improved Conversion Rates

Increasing conversion rates is vital for any business. When you perform a website audit, you can examine top landing pages and the call-to-action to check if they maximize conversions. The process is not easy and can take months to know what works. By strategically planning SEO audits every quarter and testing, you can increase your return on investment.

3. Better User Experience

Every year, Google makes changes to its algorithm. So what works this month may be different from what will work next month or next year. Having good SEO for your website offers an improved user experience. Website audit allows for the evaluation of your SEO and determines how it can affect the user experience.

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